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The Art of Passive Existence

I'm not dead. I feeeel happpyyyyy...

23 January
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Geeky goth gamer girl with an unholy love of alliteration and writing free-verse-pseudo-prose crap. I write out my thoughts in an attempt to get them straight before I talk about them, which would be fine if I ever then remembered to talk about them again. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Reading my blogs are the best way to get to know me, so even I sometimes re-read them to see how I felt about a subject. Something about having a living record of your feelings sitting open in front of you--and everyone--is really freeing but also a bit scary, and since i hate to be scared of anything at all, I now have 3 blogs taking up internet space.

This is the lesser-known one. We calls him "Ranty".